Optimum T4205

The T4205 comes standard with 24MB of total memory, an ARM9 processor for fast transactions and multi-application support. The T4205 is also PCI PED approved so that you can support debit with or without an external PIN pad. No better value exists for sensibly upgrading your install base to PCI PED compliance.

Optimum T4210

The T4210 has high-end features normally found in only more expensive IP and wireless models, such as 24MB of total memory, an ARM9 processor for fast transactions and also multi-application. The T4210 is also PCI PED approved so that you can support debit with or without an external PIN pad.

Optimum T4220

The Optimum T4220 provides IP performance and security second to none. The Optimum T4220 comes standard with integrated PCI PED approved PIN entry capability, the safety of the HyperSafe®32 architecture and unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds.

Vx 570

The PCI PED approved Vx 570 takes performance to the next power. With an exceptionally readable display, it combines superior speed and power in order to offer quick and reliable payment processing via several connectivity options. It has ample memory to support a wide range of value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions.

Vx 510

The Vx 510 is a PCI PED and EMV approved entry-point, countertop solution that provides extraordinary performance in a sleek, compact design. The Vx 510’s backlit display, easy-to-read menu prompts and intuitive, ATM-style interface reduce the chance of entry errors. In addition, its integrated high-speed thermal printer and internal PIN pad keep countertops clutter-free.

Vx 610

The Vx 610 is a portable powerhouse--a battery-powered payment device with exceptional performance and high-end functionality. It uses the latest wireless technologies—CDMA and GPRS and has advanced security with PCI PED approval. VeriFone's PCI PED approved Vx 610 is a wireless solution that delivers blazing performance, high-end functionality, and exceptional ease of use without tying customers to a fixed location. It brings the point of sale to the point of service. For example, merchants can instantly open an extra lane or support an outdoor market.

The D̩javoo V8 is the latest Ethernet/IP countertop terminal from D̩javoo. This high-speed terminal can operate on a traditional phone line or over the internet via an Ethernet connection from your computer. The V8 includes a built-in PINpad and Smart Card reader making this unit completely compatible and compliant with any future PCI/EMV processing requirements. As with previous D̩javoo models, the V8 runs on a Linux operating system and can be loaded in less than a minute using the USB data port. The V8 includes a fast thermal printer, ultra visible high-contrast backlit screen, as well as a privacy shield. It is an excellent terminal choice for merchants that want to continue processing over an existing internet connection. For merchants only looking to process over a phone line, please give us a call to ask for our used terminal inventory Рwe may have a dial-only model in stock that can process your account and save you money.

The latest PINpad terminal from First Data continues to push the market standard with effortless usability, and unlimited functionality. This consumer-facing device allows your customers to select their payment method at the pinpad. This technology allows the use of Tap & Go credit or debit cards, Smart Cards, as well as NFC enabled smart phones with support for Apple, Android and Windows phones. This unit is fully prepared to provide your customers with the payment method that works best for them.

The Ingenico iCT220 brings you great flexibility, in a compact streamlined body. This standalone countertop device accommodates merchant service providers seeking a practical, economical solution without losing access to customers preferred payment methods. Lightweight, stylish and self-contained, the iCT220 will give your merchant customers the freedom to accept all types of electronic card payments without requiring a cash register or POS system interface. All iCT220 functions, from payment processing and receipt printing, to settlement reporting and brand enhancement; operate flawlessly from this single piece of equipment. This rugged, easy-to-use device is fully compliant with advanced security measures built in, making it a great choice for a small to medium size shop or vendor that needs to take cards, but can do without the cash register monitor. -

The PAX S90 mobile credit card terminal is designed to offer superior wireless performance. It goes with you wherever you go. Extremely durable and stylish, this unit is one of our most popular terminals for merchants today. Options included for single SIM or dual SIM functionality, and with high capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The S90 is equipped with the ARM9 processor assuring super fast transactions anywhere, and every time. Top-of-the line security features ensure this unit will be secure and compliant with any future PCI/EMV processing requirements.

VeriFone VX 520 The VeriFone VX520 has been a favorite among merchants since day one. This versatile terminal is extremely customer friendly, reliable and built to last. It handles encryption, decryption and processing at lightening speeds thanks to its powerful processor and expandable memory. Your customers enjoy faster transactions with zero hassle. Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments including value-added applications such as loyalty or gift card acceptance. The VX520 offers a full range of connectivity options, from dail-up and Ethernet to GPRS, with an optional battery that allows the terminal to go wherever you go. A unique communication port area underneath the device keeps countertops neat and free of clutter.

The VeriFone VX670 features an easily hand held, tapered design, with a very large high-contrast, backlit display allowing use under any lighting condition, or no light at all. This terminal processes extremely fast and has easy to change rechargeable batteries. This ease-of-use ensures any of your staff can confidently keep your business on the move. The VX670 is spill resistant, and break resistant when dropped on a hard surface from up to three feet. An excellent choice for any merchant looking for a user-friendly, durable wireless terminal.


The QwickPay® mobile processing device is the safest way to pay on your smartphone or tablet computer. This payment system surpasses the current PCI Compliance standards. It encrypts card data from the moment you swipe the card and combines the multi-layered security of MagneSafe. Take your mobile payments anytime, anywhere, without the worries of storing sensitive data on your device. Our applications do not store any customer data on the device, but transmits data using industry standard encryption methods. All processing happens in our PCI compliant high security gateways and cloud centers. This durable and affordable unit is the most cost effective method to get you processing today.


**All references and images of Apple products such as Apple iPad and iPhone are property of Apple Computers Inc. Merchants Bancard Network Inc. does not sell Apple products, only approved accessory hardware and software to support payment applications across Apple or Android devices.